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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes people sick after an airplane ride?

The reason you get sick after a flight isn't the dirty cabin air Flights attendants on board an Austrian Airlines jet. Austrian Airlines/Flickr People often get sick after taking flights. Cabin air is cleaner than you expect. But there are plenty of germy places on planes. Jet lag can also compromise your immune system.

Can flying on an airplane make you sick?

I decided to do a little research on the air quality in planes. Turns out, you are a little more likely to get sick on airplanes, but it’s not really the “air quality” that’s to blame. Airplanes have HEPA filters that take both recycled air and air that has been warmed by the jets and pushes it throughout the cabin.

How do you prevent air sickness?

How to Prevent Airsickness If you are susceptible to airsickness, start by flying a series of short flights close together to allow your body time to adjust to the motions involved with flying. Eat a nutritious diet that is low in sodium and fat. Don't eat immediately before flying, but don't fly on an empty stomach, either. Stay hydrated.

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