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Frequently Asked Questions

How many flights a day are there from Denver to Phoenix?

There are usually 122 direct flights each day leaving Denver in the direction of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, for a total of 855 flights weekly. Do I need a passport to fly between Denver and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

Why was my Southwest flight delayed from Denver to Phoenix?

Cons: "Flying from Denver to Phoenix, our flight was delayed by 2 hours due to problems with the sanitation system. Flying back home, our flight was delayed 3 hours due to electrical problems!

What airlines fly to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

The airlines most regularly connecting Denver to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport are Southwest (23 flights per day), United Airlines (22 flights per day), and Air Canada (21 flights per day). What’s the cheapest day of the week to fly from Denver to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

Where can I stretch after my flight from Denver to Phoenix?

If you would like to stretch your legs after your flight from Denver to Phoenix, look for the FitPHX in-airport walkway that is located in Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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