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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ahmaud Arbery?

Video Emerges, Grand Jury to Convene The fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery -- a 25-year-old black man out for a jog when he was chased and killed -- was caught on video, prompting a call for a grand jury to review the case.

Was the man who shot ahmaud Arbery justified?

It said that the man who shot Ahmaud Arbery, Travis McMichael, was justified in doing so because Mr. Arbery had grabbed the shotgun. He had initiated the fight. And Travis McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself under Georgia’s Use-of-Force statute.

What does the video show of the Arbery shooting?

In the video, posted by Arbery family attorney Lee Merritt, Arbery is seen jogging down a road as a white pickup truck is stopped in front of him. Arbery runs around the vehicle, and a shot is fired. The video then shows Arbery and another man appearing to tussle as two more shots are fired.

What happened to Arbery and MC Michael?

At one point, Arbery was heading out of the Satilla Shores neighborhood where the defendants live, but the McMichaels forced him to turn back into the neighborhood and run past Bryan, the agent said. That is when he struck Arbery, Dial said, and Arbery kept running with the McMichaels in pursuit.

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