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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in jury selection in ahmaud Arbery trial?

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Jury selection in the trial of three men charged with chasing and killing Ahmaud Arbery crawled into its second week on Monday, with the judge and attorneys resuming their slow-moving task of questioning potential jurors one-by-one.

How long will it take to select a jury for trial?

Court officials have said jury selection could take more than two weeks. And prosecutor Linda Dunikoski told jury panelists the trial itself could push into the week before Thanksgiving. The court has not identified the race of any of the prospective jurors.

How many people actually came to jury selection in Glynn County?

Of the first batch of 600 people summoned when jury selection began on October 18, only 283 actually came, according to Ron Adams, the Clerk of Superior Court for Glynn County. Another 400 were summoned on Monday, but only about half that number appeared in person.

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