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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ahmaud Arbery?

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was allegedly shot and killed by a father and son while jogging in Georgia. The McMichaels ordered Arbery to stop, but the victim kept running, Dial said. The father and son chased after him in their truck as Arbery tried to evade them, Dial said.

What did Arbery do to avoid the truck?

"His statement was that Mr. Arbery kept jumping out of the way and moving around the bumper and actually running down into the ditch in an attempt to avoid his truck."

What happened to Arbery and MC Michael?

At one point, Arbery was heading out of the Satilla Shores neighborhood where the defendants live, but the McMichaels forced him to turn back into the neighborhood and run past Bryan, the agent said. That is when he struck Arbery, Dial said, and Arbery kept running with the McMichaels in pursuit.

What happens to Arbery after he punches Travis McMichael?

Arbery throws a punch at Travis McMichael's head as a third shot is heard. Arbery steps back as blood appears on the back of his T-shirt under his left rib cage. He stumbles and falls in the middle of the street as Travis McMichael walks away.

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