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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ahmaud Arbery?

Ahmaud Arbery was capable of illegal activity, and had a “juvenile and adult felony record” according to Barnhill. Arbery’s older brother Marcus “has gone to prison in the past and is currently in the Glynn jail, without bond, awaiting new felony prosecution” as reported at a local outlet.

Was ‘the jogger’ ahmaud Arbery a criminal?

Newly introduced information in Glynn County, Georgia court documents shows that Ahmaud Arbery was known as “the jogger” and had a long history of breaking into homes and businesses while using jogging as both an alibi and tactic for his crimes.

Who was involved in the Arbery case?

Arbery had been pursued by three white residents—Travis McMichael and his father Gregory, who were armed and driving a pickup truck, and William "Roddie" Bryan, who followed Arbery in a second vehicle. Arbery was confronted and fatally shot by Travis McMichael.

Did you know ahmaud Arbery has a rap sheet?

It turns out Ahmaud Arbery has a rap sheet. (links) | Surprise, surpise! It turns out Ahmaud Arbery has a rap sheet. (links) But just like Big Mike in Ferguson, MO the lunatic left makes him out to be the victim.

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