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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to ahmaud Arbery?

Ahmaud Arbery was capable of illegal activity, and had a “juvenile and adult felony record” according to Barnhill. Arbery’s older brother Marcus “has gone to prison in the past and is currently in the Glynn jail, without bond, awaiting new felony prosecution” as reported at a local outlet.

Who was involved in the Arbery case?

Arbery had been pursued by three white residents—Travis McMichael and his father Gregory, who were armed and driving a pickup truck, and William "Roddie" Bryan, who followed Arbery in a second vehicle. Arbery was confronted and fatally shot by Travis McMichael.

Could suppressed documents make ahmaud Arbery jurors ineligible to serve?

The juror pool for the murder trial of the defendants in Ahmaud Arbery's death has reportedly been given access to suppressed documents that could make jurors ineligible to serve in the case.

Did Arbery's mental health affect his death?

Defense attorneys had also wanted to include details of Arbery's mental health in order to suggest that his state of mind may have influenced his behavior on the day he died. A judge ruled that the slain man still deserved medical privacy, even after death.

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