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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of AE in English?

British Dictionary definitions for ae (3 of 5) æ1 a digraph in Latin representing either a native diphthong, as in æquus, or a Greek αι (ai) in Latinized spellings, as in æschylus : now usually written ae, or e in some words, such as demon a ligature used in Old and early Middle English to represent the vowel sound of a in cat

What is the meaning of æ in Latin?

Definition for æ (3 of 4) or æ. a digraph or ligature appearing in Latin and Latinized Greek words. In English words of Latin or Greek origin, ae is now usually represented by e, except generally in proper names (Caesar), in words belonging to Roman or Greek antiquities (aegis), and in modern words of scientific or technical use (aecium).

When did the short æ replace the long ǣ?

The long ǣ continued in use until about 1250, but was finally replaced by e. The short æ was given up by 1150, being replaced usually by a but sometimes by e. pen name of George William Russell. ae.

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