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Frequently Asked Questions

What does adfsd stand for?

The Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department (ADFSD) is one of five major training departments at the US Army Quartermaster School, Fort Lee, VA.

What courses does the adfsd offer?

Along with the two MOS-producing courses, the ADFSD also is the proponent for the Sling Load Inspector Certification Course and numerous functional area courses.

Did adadfsd conduct a successful operation on 21 October?

ADFSD conducted a successful airborne operation on 21 October. The operation included 3 lifts (34 static line, 15 free fall, and 2 heavy drops) were executed from a C-130H at Blackstone DZ, VA. The PRC class Not only jumped their own parachute but also rigged up the heavy drop equipment.

What's new in ADFS?

Paginated UX with Centered Theme - ADFS now has moved to a paginated UX flow that allows ADFS to validate and provide a more smoother sign-in experience. ADFS now uses a centered UI (instead of the right side of the screen). You may require newer logo and background images to align with this experience.

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