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Frequently Asked Questions

What does adfr stand for?

AutoDockFR (or ADFR in short) is a protein-ligand docking program developed in the Sanner laboratory at Scripps Research under the AutoDock umbrella. the AutoDock4 scoring function implemented in a C++ library and wrapped for Python

What is adfr (Active Directory forest recovery)?

But with Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery (ADFR), you can get your business back in business in less than an hour. Soup to nuts. Fastest. Automate the entire forest recovery process, avoid human errors, and cut downtime by 90%.

What is adrf fire™?

The ADRF’s FiRe™ Series is a revolutionary FirstNet compliant in-building wireless solution which combines ADRF’s PSR-78-9533 public safety 700/800 MHz channelized repeater with the industry’s most flexible ADXV Series distributed antenna system (DAS) Head End (HE) in a single compact enclosure.

What is adfr module in PowerShell?

Includes PowerShell commands for automating Semperis ADFR management, providing easier management of backup groups, backup rules, agents, and distribution points. Leverages distribution point servers to store backups close to domain controllers, reducing network traffic as well as backup and recovery times.

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