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Frequently Asked Questions

Why give to ADF&G?

Your money directly supports ADF&G’s management and research of Alaska’s fish and wildlife resources. Information about sport fishing licenses and king salmon stamps. Information on subsistence & personal use fishing permits.

What is adadfg?

ADFG is a leading global investment Group that provides a wide range of investment services to a substantial and diversified investor base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals.

What is adadf&g’s application period?

ADF&G has returned to having a single application period each year during November and December. The application period for Draw hunts is November 1, 8am – December 15, 5pm (AKST).

Why adadfg for your investment?

ADFG has revolutionized the financial investment sector in the Middle East, delivering a 27% IRR to stakeholders over the five years since inception.

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