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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arizona actors academy the best place to learn acting?

“At Arizona Actors Academy, seasoned actors exercise their skills, new actors gain the skills and confidence necessary to be seriously competitive, and this is the only studio preparing actors and models for the real world of acting in New York, Los Angeles, and even London,” according to the academy’s website.

What is Arizona actors academy immersive?

Arizona Actors Academy – Immersive. Comprehensive. Training for Artists. Arizona Actors Academy, under the leadership of artistic director Brandy Hotchner, MFA from The Actors Studio, takes pride in being the cornerstone of quality theater and film arts training in the greater Phoenix area.

What are the best film schools for actors?

For actors seeking a solid institution run by experienced industry people, check out the Phoenix Film Institute.

Why choose Dearing acting studio?

The education and acting training I’ve received at Dearing has not only applied in my life as an actor, but in my personal life and business life. From 2018 to 2019, my income has doubled and I truly believe it is from the knowledge I received from Matt and his team at the Dearing Acting Studio

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