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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tommy from acting liketommy?

As a streamer, he is also available on Twitch under the username @actingliketommy with 335k followers. As per the source, Tommy is a married guy, but there is no information regarding her wife. He is the father of his son named Brice.

How old is actingliketommy?

As of 2021, Actingliketommy is 51 years old. He was born in America in 1969, and he celebrates his birthday on October 22 every year. His real name is Tommy Harrington. Despite being the oldest streamer, he has not been featured on the Wikipedia page. There is no information regarding his height and Weight.

Who is actingliketommy on Twitch?

Actingliketommy is a twitch streamer. He is best known for the Fortnite videos he posts to his Actingliketommy Twitch and TikTok channels. He self-proclaimed ‘world’s oldest Fortnite pro,’ as mentioned in his social media profiles. He is also a director.

What is acting like about “acting like”?

About “Acting Like”. 1 contributor. “Acting Like” is about girls that act like they’re friends with Tory and that everything is cool, but they really aren’t that close; they’re just associates or acquaintances. Upvote. +8.

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