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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do actors take in La?

Acting Courses LA Acting for Film Improvisation Acting for Film: Scripted TV Movement Stage to Screen Collaboration Workshop Shakespeare Contemporary Dance Voiceover Workshop Scene Study Business of Acting Advanced Stage Projects Sketch Comedy Singing for Actors Producing the Short Film 4 more rows ...

What are the best acting schools in California?

Unlike other top acting schools in California, the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles does not just train students in the fundamentals of acting, but also provides students with hands-on experience performing on camera in many in-class exercises and on student film projects.

What makes NYFA the best acting school in the world?

In short, students do not simply receive an education in acting at the Academy; they get an experience that exposes them to the many different facets of acting for film and prepares them to achieve their professional goals, making NYFA what many consider to be the best acting school in the world. Looking for acting classes in LA?

How do I apply to New York Film Academy acting school?

To learn more about the Acting School at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, you can reach us via telephone at +1 (818) 333-3558 in addition to clicking the below links to learn more about the school and apply.

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