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Frequently Asked Questions

What does feat mean?

feat, exploit, achievement mean a remarkable deed. feat implies strength or dexterity or daring. an acrobatic feat exploit suggests an adventurous or heroic act. his exploits as a spy achievement implies hard-won success in the face of difficulty or opposition. her achievements as a chemist Writing that whole report in one night was quite a feat.

What is a synonym for feat?

Synonyms: feat1, achievement, exploit, masterstroke. These nouns denote an extraordinary deed or action: feats of bravery; achievements of diplomacy; military exploits; a masterstroke of entrepreneurship.

What does feat in a song Mean?

Feat. stands for featuring in a song. It is sort of like a guest appearance in movies. Artists may choose to include another singer in a song to match the music requirements or as is in most cases, to boost value and popularity.

What does feats stand for?

Featuring stands up for person other than singer. "feat" or "ft" stands for "featuring ". An artist other than Singer of the song in that particular song, whether he is in as an actor or rapper.

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