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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 rights for delegation?

The Five Rights of Delegation are: The Nurse Practice Act (NPA) allows for licensed nurses, namely RNs, to delegate tasks to LPNs, CNAs, and UAPs as long as certain criteria is met. First of all the nurse delegating the task must realize that s/he remains responsible for the task and the outcomes.

What is effective delegation?

Delegation is an important management or team leader activity. Effective delegation is an important leadership skill. Effective leaders use delegation to balance workloads and provide staff development opportunities. Good delegation creates a positive, motivating environment.

What is accountability and responsibility?

...Accountability & responsibility Accountability is the state of being liable and to be called on to render an account at any given time. It requires both the understanding and the meeting of said responsibilities. It also embodies a commitment to be both a contributor and active participant in the process.

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