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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the academic phrasebank?

The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It aims to provide the phraseological ‘nuts and bolts’ of academic writing organised according to the main sections of a research paper or dissertation. Other phrases are listed under the more general communicative functions of academic writing.

Is the academic phrasebank plagiarism-free?

The Academic Phrasebank is not discipline specific. Nevertheless, it should be particularly useful for writers who need to report their empirical studies. The phrases are content neutral and generic in nature; in using them, therefore, you are not stealing other people's ideas and this does not constitute plagiarism.

Are there any phrases in the research report that are not phraseological?

In reality, for example, many of phrases used for referring to other studies may be found throughout a research report. In the current PDF version, additional material, which is not phraseological, has been incorporated. These additional sections should be helpful to you as a writer.

How do I use phrases in my writing?

The phrases, and the headings under which they are listed, can be used simply to assist you in thinking about the content and organisation of your own writing, or the phrases can be incorporated into your writing where this is appropriate. In most cases, a certain amount of creativity and adaptation will be necessary when a phrase is used.

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