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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to become a gifted student?

Levels Can Vary Students that can weave an original and complex story with rich characters and an interesting plot. A child that can draw a picture to scale or with the appropriate dimensions. A student that makes up games. ... Using a toy differently than it was made for. Drawing a picture or telling a story accurately from memory. More items...

Why do gifted students need gifted education?

Gifted education is needed to provide academically aligned education for advanced students, to teach gifted students skills needed in their careers and lives, to meet their social and emotional needs, and to keep them engaged in school so they don’t drop out.

Can schools create gifted students?

K-12 Schools can create gifted students when their curriculum nurtures the natural intelligence of high achievers. Also, they can fail them by not referring them to gifted and talented programs, where they can live up to their potential.

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