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Frequently Asked Questions

What are state jacket patches and how do I customize them?

State jacket patches are cut in the shape of your state and can be personalized with your choice of felt, chenille colors, text and sport or mascot swiss inserts. Our numbers, positions and weight classes jacket patches are yet another way for your students to customize their varsity jackets from top to bottom!

What kind of patches can I choose for my school's mascot?

Choose from a variety of traditional mascot jacket patches, ranging from lions to tigers , eagles to cardinals, and trojans to knights, among others. No matter what you select, our custom patches will beautifully display school pride and participation.

What can I put on my academic jacket patches?

Add your scholastic achievements or school name to your academic jacket patches for a unique design. Recognize individual participation, varsity lettermen and exemplary achievements with traditional chenille numerals, stars, bars and chevrons. Our collection of numerals, stars, bars & chevrons are as classic as you can get.

What are the THSCA Academic All-State teams?

We understand that students’ performance in the classroom can sometimes be difficult to manage while participating in athletics, but their hard work has not gone unnoticed. The THSCA Academic All-State Teams recognize high school athletes who excel in the following categories: GPA, class rank and ACT/SAT score.

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