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Frequently Asked Questions

What grade is Ivy Academia?

Ivy Academia - TK-12th Grade Tuition-Free, Public Charter Elementary School, Middle School and High School in Woodland Hills, California. The December 29, 2021Regular Board Meeting agenda is live and may be accessed below. Open Session will begin at 10:00 am.

What is an Ivy League school?

The Ivy League schools are considered to be the most prestigious and selective colleges in the United States. The term “Ivy League” was coined in 1954, when the NCAA Division I athletic conference was formed.

What are the best Ivy Plus schools?

These schools consistently rank among the best in the nation. Although there is no agreed upon list, here are some schools that are considered Ivy Plus: Stanford consistently ranks in the top 10 national universities following Ivy Leagues like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

What is the equivalent of an Ivy League in the US?

These Ivy League equivalents include research universities and small liberal arts colleges. The Public Ivies consist of renowned public universities like UCLA and UT Austin. The Little Ivies include colleges such as Amherst, Bowdoin, Colby, and Vassar.

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