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Frequently Asked Questions

What does absolute mean in English?

1. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Absolute means total and complete. You use absolute to emphasize something that you are saying. An absolute ruler has complete power and authority over his or her country. Absolute is used to say that something is definite and will not change even if circumstances change.

What is absolute definition?

Definition of absolute. a : standing apart from a normal or usual syntactical relation with other words or sentence elements the absolute construction this being the case in the sentence "this being the case, let us go" b of an adjective or possessive pronoun : standing alone...

What is the meaning of absolute?

• ABSOLUTE (noun) The noun ABSOLUTE has 1 sense: 1. something that is conceived to be absolute; something that does not depends on anything else and is beyond human control. Familiarity information: ABSOLUTE used as a noun is very rare.

What is absolute word?

Absolute Phrases : Usually (but not always), an absolute phrase (also called a nominative absolute) is a group of words consisting of a noun or pronoun and a participle as well as any related modifiers. When the participle of an absolute phrase is a form of to be, such as being or having been, the participle is often left out but understood.

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