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Frequently Asked Questions

What is about blank and why do I see it?

About:blank is a page that appears when your browser has nothing else to display. It's not a page on the internet, but rather something internally inside your browser. The "about" part of what you see comes from your browser's about URI or URL scheme.

What is the meaning of blank?

The definition of blank is something not written upon or without thought or ideas. An example of blank is a bank check on which the dollar amount is not specified. An example of blank is an author with nothing to write about.

What does about blank#blocked mean?

It’s not malware but can result from malware being removed. “about:blank#blocked” is sometimes displayed as the result of security software blocking access to something. “about:blank” can also be used as a fast browser homepage. About:blank isn’t really “about” anything.

What is blank home page?

About:blank as your browser home page. Your browser home page is the page that you see first when you initially fire up your browser, or hit the “Home” button. Frequently, the default home page for IE is or some other Microsoft-related property.

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