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Frequently Asked Questions

What is abouttime automation?

Automation starts with tracking time and attendance ( labor costs) accurately. AboutTime helps your team capture accurate field data to streamline payroll and provide your supervisors with powerful real-time visibility. Now your team can see and know current information at all times, helping make critical decisions quicker, as it happens.

What is abouttime employee time tracking?

The AboutTime employee TIME tracking solution connects your ENTIRE workforce from remote employees to local office staff to mobile field workers. Now your teams can capture accurate time and labor from any device, anytime, and from anywhere.

What is abouttime mobile app?

AboutTime Mobile apps let your employees work while completely disconnected and without service. AboutTime native mobile applications run on most Apple and Android mobile devices allowing for 24/7/365 data capture for your mobile, remote and local workforce, using any of their devices.

What makes abouttime the ultimate resource management solution?

This capability is one of example of what makes AboutTime the ultimate resource management solution. AboutTime is software-driven so whether your workforce is down the hall, down the street or completely remote they can use familiar devices to capture accurate labor information.

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