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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to do an about face?

"About face" is an English idiom which means a sudden and complete change of one's plans, ideas and actions. It is also used to mean a complete turn of direction in a physical sense as in someone who is walking north, suddenly turns direction and starts walking south.

What does about face mean in Army?

(plural about-faces) (military) An abrupt turn to face the opposite direction. The soldier did an about-face and marched off. A reversal in direction; reversal of attitude or opinion. When Luke heard the news, he did an abrupt about-face on the policy.

What is a face story?

The Story Face is an adaptation of story mapping that also uses a visual framework for understanding, identifying, and remembering elements in narrative text. The Story Face is constructed by: making the eyes: two circles representing the setting and main characters. eyelashes: specific descriptors and secondary characters.

What does face shape say about you?

Just like your eye color gives you certain personality traits, your face shape carries a lot of the reason you are the way you are. Those with pear-shaped faces are said to be deep thinkers, and those with square face shapes are said to be reliable.

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