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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of AAAA membership?

AAAA members receive exclusive access to discounts on entertainment, travel, and up to 40% off AAAA events! Not a member? JOIN Today! The annual ARMY AVIATION Magazine Photo Contest is now open.

When does the AAAA community app open and close?

– Program is now open as of September 1 and Closes December 15, 2021! Did you know each chapter has their own forum on the New AAAA Community App? Chapter members can stay connected with their chapter members!

Will there be a AAAA event in Washington DC in October?

Frankly, a lot will depend on how the AUSA event goes in DC in October. Like AAAA, AUSA is also requiring full vaccination to attend which seems to be the emerging standard in the meetings industry nationwide.

How many people will attend the AAAA light summit?

We expect it will end up drawing several thousand folks and evolve to be an AAAA Annual Summit (light), six months out from the big Annual event generally in Nashville each year. Continue Reading Our Headquarters office Staff are working from home due to concerns over COVID-19.

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