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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AA mean to me?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international organization of individuals who have struggled with drinking at some point in their lives. AA is supported and organized by its members, and it operates independently of any outside funding. It is not affiliated with any religious or political group.

Is AA a religion?

Federal courts have ruled that AA is a religion and rightly so. Religion is the performance of ritual on behalf of or in obeyance to a supernatural deity or deities. Note that that definition does not specify which deity or deities.

Is AA only for alcoholics?

Alcohol Though alcohol is legal, it is a controlled substance and is addictive. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is specifically designed for the treatment of alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) helps millions of recovering alcoholics manage their addiction.

What does AA measure?

Measure AA: It’s a historic opportunity for the Bay Area. Measure AA would create a stable revenue source for wetland restoration. It would support projects similar to our work at Bair Island, a 3,000-acre property just east of Redwood City and the largest restorable wetland in the Bay Area.

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