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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 710 stand for?

What Does 710 Mean? 710 is a holiday specifically celebrating cannabis concentrates, in all their forms, where 420 is a larger celebration of cannabis culture as a whole. This cannabis holiday has gained popularity fairly recently, most likely fueled by concentrates’ rise in popularity with cannabis consumers and the availability of these ...

What does the term 710 mean?

What Does 710 Mean? 710 is a slang term for cannabis oil. The term’s popularity is due to the fact that numerical number 710 looks like the word ‘oil' when turned upside down. Cannabis wax, resin, bubble hash, shatter, and oils are all referred to by the term 710.

What does 710 mean in the cannabis culture?

You may have heard the terms “710”, “710 friendly” or seen it as a combination such as “420/710”. 710 is used to reference the cannabis community in a more specific way that highlights concentrates and dabbing – a niche form of cannabis and a particular method of consumption, respectively.

What is 710 as a cannabis holiday?

Just like “ 420 ”, “710” is a stoner term used to celebrate dabs and cannabis concentrates on the 10th of July or 7/10. The number 710 spells “ OIL ” when placed backward and upside-down; Oil is a word used to describe potent cannabis concentrates like hash oil, honey oil, wax, shatter etc. Often too much dabbing can cause paranoia.

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