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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my computer run 4K?

To get your PC to run 4K, you need to get the CPU's internal components right. You need a 4K compatible processor, a 4K compatible graphic card, a suitable CPU cooler to keep your parts healthy, and whatnot. Searching for all this hefty amount of info on the internet can be a massive hassle for anyone.

What is the best gaming monitor for 4K?

All the standards are here, including the defining 3840 x 2160 resolution, 1ms response time for ultra-quick games, and AMD’s FreeSync technology which prevents screen tearing during high-paced action sequences on screen. For these reasons and so many more, the ASUS MG28UQ is the best 4K gaming monitor for 2018.

What is the best monitor resolution?

The resolution that is native to the specific LCD panel in the specific mystery make and model laptop… is the best resolution for ANY monitor, regardless of the size. If your laptop has a 17.3 inch screen, and it is not capable of HD resolution, it would therefore be impossible to automatically set it to 1920x1080.

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