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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4mp the same as 4K?

When it comes to digital media, as in HD video, no 4MP is NOT the same as 4K. The difference can be explained by looking at a wonderful little element called a pixel. 4MP is less than 1080P, which is closer to 8MP. The pixel has multiplied like rabbits over the years.

Do you need a 4K video camera at all?

There's a lot to like about a 4K webcam, but the reality is most people probably don't need one for their uses. If you're someone who only uses their webcam for Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls or...

Do Galaxy devices have a 4K camera?

Samsung's flagship Galaxy devices have cameras equipped with 4K UHD resolution capabilities including 4K video recording. And with Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, you can record in an even higher resolution: 8K. It's 4 times bigger than 4K UHD, and allows you to pull high-resolution stills from every frame in your video with 8K Video Snap.

What is an app camera?

Camera+. Camera+ is an app for Apple 's iOS mobile operating system developed by LateNiteSoft. The app serves as an alternative to the standard iOS camera app, primarily adding basic and advanced editing tools (including special effects and lighting filters), an image stabilizer, and integrated sharing with Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

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