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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any 4anime alternatives that still work?

Similar to Torrent Websites and Putlocker Alternatives, these 4Anime Alternatives are continually shut down and removed. As of the writing of this article, all websites listed below are currently working and available for use. Many of these options can also be found within our list of Best Anime Streaming Sites.

Why did 4anime get shut down?

There are anime streaming sites like 4anime that offer great anime content for the viewers. But what’s disappointing is that this anime streaming site got shut down suddenly. As this is the largest pirate site it got shut down because it is illegal to use it. Further, do you know that this site was the target of the authorities?

Is 4anime legal to watch anime?

Not really. A lot of the content that's available for streaming on 4anime and sites like it is hosted and posted there without license or authorization from the production companies or artists who created said anime.

Do you need a VPN with 4anime?

We always preach about the importance of using both Antivirus Software and a VPN with unverified websites like these 4Anime mirrors and alternatives. When we see flagged files in VirusTotal, a trusted VPN is pretty much required to protect your online identity and security. Try IPVanish Risk-Free Now!

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