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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best alternatives to 4anime?

According to recent reports from Twitter, affected users have found a couple more alternatives for 4anime. So, those who wish to watch their favorite anime content can do so via Animixplay or Anime Planet and Animepahe. yea even i used to watch on 4anime but they shut down the website and the server cuz it was illegal i think.

Is the 4anime website still available?

Although the original 4Anime website was shut down, there are still hundreds of mirrors available that are visited by millions of users. I wanted to scan one of the popular mirrors of 4Anime with VirusTotal.

Why did 4anime get shut down?

There are anime streaming sites like 4anime that offer great anime content for the viewers. But what’s disappointing is that this anime streaming site got shut down suddenly. As this is the largest pirate site it got shut down because it is illegal to use it. Further, do you know that this site was the target of the authorities?

Is 4anime banned in Australia?

Going by a recent report, a few months back, Australia listed 4anime in a site-blocking application along with some other pirate sites. Following that, 4anime and its sister site had to shut operations a few days back and it could be due to legal pressure.

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