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Frequently Asked Questions

What are N95 face masks?

They contain two straps, a flexible nose piece that can be molded around the bridge of the nose to ensure proper fit, and most include a respirator to ensure maximum protection. Some N95 face masks even include a carbon layer that helps filter out additional airborne particles.

Where can you buy 3M face masks?

The Home Depot is another place with 3M branded masks in stock, coming in packs of various sizes. This pack of 15 masks is only $34.97, or just $2.33 per mask. They also sell single packages, 5-packs, 10-packs and 15-packs, all on the Home Depot site.

Why choose 3M VFlex small particulate N95?

3M Vflex Small Particulate Respirator N95. Reduce exposure to airborne diseases and contaminations If you work in a hospital, industrial building, or an active construction site, it’s likely that you’re required to wear a face mask or respirator.

Where can I buy the Harley N95 NIOSH certified respirator mask?

The Harley N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask is sold on Amazon in a pack of 20 for $36.99, perfect for larger families or to last you a while before your next restock for cold and flu season around the corner.

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