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Frequently Asked Questions

Who started 3M Corporation?

The American multinational conglomerate corporation 3M was formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It’s based in the suburbs of St.Paul in Maplewood of Minnesota. 3M was founded by Dr. Danley Budd, Hermon Cable, Henry Bryan and John Dwan and operates worldwide.

Where are 3M products manufactured?

3M Company, also known as (1902–2002) Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, diversified American corporation manufacturing a wide range of products, including abrasives, adhesive tape and related products, and consumer-electronics components. It is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.

What does 3M stand for?

What is 3M stand for? Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company As 3M employees celebrated 3M’s centennial anniversary, “3M Company” becomes the legal name for 3M—originally incorporated as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

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