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Frequently Asked Questions

What is adjadj 38?

Adj. 1. 38 - being eight more than thirty

What is the Dakota 38?

The Dakota 38 refers to thirty-eight Dakota men who were executed by hanging, under orders from President Abraham Lincoln. To date, this is the largest “legal” mass execution in US history. The hanging took place on December 26, 1862—the day after Christmas.

Is the 38 Special good for target practice?

The 38 Special bullet is actually.357 caliber, so it's very common for gun makers to chamber their revolvers up for the more powerful.357 Magnum. Constructing a handgun for the heavier load will ensure the less expensive 38 Special round works just fine for target practice.

What kind of barrel does a 38 Special have?

.38 Special has 8 3/8 inch pinned barrel with adjustable sights. Target hammer and target trigger. Hogue rubber fingergroove grips. Serial number 12K6xxx. Blue is 90%+. There is a drilled and tapped h ...Click for more info

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