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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PPR mean in fantasy football rankings?

With the first week of the season comes weekly fantasy football rankings, and I am here to bring you the PPR rankings for week 1 of the NFL season. In what is quickly becoming the most popular format in the fantasy industry, PPR means “point per receptions”. Any player who catches a pass gets a full point for that reception.

Who is the best RB in 2020 fantasy football?

2020 Fantasy PPR Rankings: Top 200 cheat sheet Rank Player Position 1 Christian McCaffrey, Panthers RB 2 Saquon Barkley, Giants RB 3 Michael Thomas, Saints WR 4 Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys RB 66 more rows ...

What are Matthew Berry's 2020 PPR fantasy football rankings?

Matthew Berry's 2020 PPR fantasy football rankings 1. Christian McCaffrey CAR RB 2. Saquon Barkley NYG RB 3. Ezekiel Elliott DAL RB 4. Alvin Kamara NO RB 5. Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC RB 6. Derrick Henry TEN RB 7. Dalvin Cook MIN RB 8. Michael Thomas NO WR 9. Joe Mixon CIN RB 10. Austin Ekeler LAC RB ...

Why do quarterbacks and defenses drop in PPR rankings?

One thing to note is that in PPR rankings, quarterbacks and defenses inherently slide down. They don't catch passes, so they simply can't score as many points.

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