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What happened in the 2017 SEC Championship Game?

This championship game was a rematch of their rivalry game, played on November 11, 2017. In that earlier game, Auburn beat Georgia by a score of 40-17. In this rematch, Georgia won the SEC Championship by beating Auburn 28-7.

What are the 2017 Southeastern Conference football standings?

2017 Southeastern Conference football standings v t e Conf Conf Conf Overall Texas A&M 4 – 7 Ole Miss * 3 – 6 Arkansas 1 – 4 3 more rows ...

What happened to the Georgia Dome in the SEC Championship Game?

In the 2016 SEC Championship Game, the western division champion Alabama defeated the eastern division champion Florida 54–16 in a rematch of the 2015 SEC Championship Game. It was the last SEC title game to be held at the Georgia Dome, which was demolished shortly before the 2017 title game, following the opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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