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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for a Chevy Silverado?

The price of a 2020 new Chevy Silverado pickup truck is between $28,300 and $80,000+. Most people end up paying somewhere around $40K for a Silverado LD, around $55K for a Silverado 2500HD and around $70K for a Silverado 3500HD. The lower figure reflects an LD (Silverado 1500 equivalent) without any special additions or trims.

How much does a Chevy Silverado weigh?

We've broken down the weight ranges for you by trim level here: Chevy Silverado WT - 4,257-lbs to 4,965-lbs Chevy Silverado LT - 4,693-lbs to 4,965-lbs Chevy Silverado RST - 4,702-lbs to 4,965-lbs Chevy Silverado LTZ - 4,693-lbs to 4,965-lbs Chevy Silverado High Country - 4,702-lbs to 4,965-lbs Chevy Silverado LT Trail Boss- 5,100-lbs to 5,155-lbs

What is the Chevy Silverado All Star package?

The 2019 Chevy Silverado All Star Edition is a package that includes additional features sure to make your daily drive more comfortable than ever before. The All Star Edition is only available on the all-new Chevrolet Silverado LT and RST trims.

What is a Chevy Silverado truck?

Chevrolet Silverado SS. Launched in early 2003, the Silverado SS is a high-performance pickup truck built by Chevrolet. It is based on the 1500 Silverado with upgrades in drive train and both exterior and interior appearance.

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