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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of transmission does a 2009 Forester have?

For the record I have a 2009 Forester 2.5L 5-speed manual transmission. Thanks! I will have to say that there is some truth to this.

How to Idle re-learn after battery disconnect?

How to Idle Re-Learn after Battery Disconnect 1 Turn off the lights, aircon, stereo or any system in the car that draws extra current on top of the engine. 2 Disconnect the battery for 30 mins. 3 Reconnect the battery. 4 Before you start the car for the first time, turn the key to the ON position but do NOT turn the engine over. ... More items...

Is my Forester 'competently designed'?

Well, yes, the operative term is "competently designed", which is arguable - or certainly is in the case of my 2007 2.5XS Forester. When I had a CEL reset done by the agent yesterday, the engine cut out every few metres on the way home; I estimated I had to crank the engine around 40 times in 4km by the time I reached my driveway.

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