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What events happened in 1931?

Scandals, RIP and Odd News. President Hoover asked every American to turn off their lights for 1 minute in October 1931, as a tribute to Thomas Edison and his recent death. 95 people were reported starved in New York City in 1931, with countless others made seriously ill because of malnutrition.

What was popular in 1931?

What Happened in 1931 Important News and Events, Key Technology and Popular Culture United States -- Dust Bowl. The Great Plains suffers devastating droughts, dust storms, and soil erosion during the Dust Bowl years. Spain -- King Alfonso XIII. General Miguel Primo de Rivera is overthrown as Spain's leader on January 28th, 1930. ... China - Mukden Incident. ... United States -- Dracula. ... Calendar For The Year 1931. ...

What was happening in 1931?

What Happened in 1931 1931 Frida Kahlo Paints "Frieda and Diego Rivera" 1931 Jane Addams and Nicholas Murray Butler Win the Nobel Peace Prize Born in Cedarville, Illinois, Jane Addams was the youngest of six children born into a prosperous, loving family.

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