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Frequently Asked Questions

What is form 16?

Form 16 : How to Download, Fill & Upload. Form 16 is a document or certificate, issued as per the Section 203 – Income-Tax Act 1961, to salaried professionals in India by their respective employers.

What is the difference between form 26as and form 16A and 16b?

While all details of Form 16A and 16B are available in Form 26AS, not all information from Form 16 is available in Form 26AS. Form 26AS only has the details of TDS amount deposited by the deductor with the Central Government account. The breakup of your salary and deductions under various sections are not there.

What is Assessment Year (AY) in form 16?

Thus, in this situation, they will not provide the Form 16) The Assessment Year (AY) – As the name indicates, this refers to the year in which the income is getting assessed or in other words, the year in which the taxpayer needs to work on the tax return processes.

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