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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1337x to safe to use?

Is It Safe to Use 1337x? 1337x is a useful place for people who want a torrent search engine. But we cannot overlook the fact that under the current climate it is simply not safe to use 1337x. Since millions and millions of people upload and download content on sites like 1337x, you are bound to find files that have malware attached to them.

What is a good proxy server?

The Good Proxy server is the component that maintains the secure connection between an enterprise and the Good network operations center (NOC). You install the Good Proxy server behind the enterprise firewall to establish a secure outbound connection to the NOC.

What is a proxy server number?

A proxy's address is simply it’s IP number. Every computer on the Internet or other network has a distinct IP number. If you decide to use a free proxy server, the site that provides it will give you the proxy's address. A proxy’s “port” is a number that refers to a specific virtual location on a computer.

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